The ten (10) ASEAN member countries, namely Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, have considered the standardisation of tourism services essential for enhancing quality of tourism products and services as well as promoting responsible management among tourism businesses and stakeholders in the region. 

ASEAN MICE Venue Standard
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ASEAN MICE Venue Standard

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MICE or Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (Business Events) is one of the growing sectors in ASEAN Countries.
Vision Statement of ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan 2016 - 2025
By 2025, ASEAN will be a quality tourism destination offering a unique, diverse ASEAN experience, and will be committed to responsible, sustainable, inclusive and balanced tourism development, so as to contribute significantly to the socio-economic well-being of ASEAN people.
The impact of MICE is more than the number of visitors or an amount of spending by these visitors in ASEAN countries. These visitors are known to be one of high spenders as well as spending more before and/or after the MICE activities. By average, they also stay at a destination longer than many other types of visitors. MICE visitors therefore contribute to significant growth of tourism and relevant sectors as well as the revenue of the country.

By introducing ASEAN MICE Venue Standards (AMVS), this will allow all the member states to have guidelines to make their property competitive and are able to join hands in providing quality MICE venues to the visitors, making ASEAN a competitive MICE region.
The ASEAN MICE Venue Standards (AMVS) covers three (03) categories namely:
  1. Meeting Room
  2. Exhibition Venue, and
  3. Event Venue
The current focus is the Meeting Room category and in there will be three (03) settings:
  1. Hotel/Resorts
  2. Convention/ Exhibition Centres
  3. Public/Private Sectors
The Major criteria for AMVS of this category will be:
  1. Physical Setting
  2. Technology Setting
  3. Service Setting
The criteria of ASEAN MICE Venue Standards (category Meeting Room) by types of indicators are listed as below:
MICE Venue Settings
Physical (P)
Technology (T)
Service (S)
Total of Indicators
Convention/Exhibition Centres
Public/Private Sectors
The assessment guideline follows the major criteria of the ASEAN MICE Venue Standards with an identification of methods of assessment and evidence. Below table summarizes the method of assessment and evidence used in assessing MICE venues.
Method of Assessment:
InterviewInterview records
Document ReviewRelated documents
InspectionPhotographs and/or written comments
The terms and definitions applied in the standards are as below.
  • 1. MICE
    MICE refers to meeting, incentive, convention, exhibition and business events industry. This also refers to service providers and clients in MICE industry.
  • 2. MICE Venue Categories
    MICE venue categories refer to Meeting Room, Exhibition Venue and Event Venue. In other words, they are physical spaces designed and provided for MICE activities with purposes for meetings, exhibitions, and events.
  • 3. Meeting Room Category
    A meeting room refers to a dedicated space within a MICE Venue. In this manual, Meeting Room, a category under AMVS, going under a certification must be within one of the following settings: Hotels/Resorts, Convention/Exhibition Centers or a venue owned by a Public/Private Sectors.

    For hotels/resorts, this refers to a property with an aim to provide accommodation services. For convention, this refers to a venue for participants to attend for educational sessions or participate in meetings, discussions or organized events. For exhibition, this refers to a venue for participants to present products or services with objectives on sales or information exchange. For meeting rooms within public/private sectors, this refers to space owned by public and private sectors such as government office, government owned space, or private company office building where meeting rooms are provided and are able to qualify for the standards in this manual. In most cases, meeting rooms in public and private sectors do not aim for profits and come under certification as a way to ensure quality of service provided to meeting participants.
  • 4. Physical Setting
    Physical setting of a meeting room refers to the condition of meeting room (walls, partitions, facilities, and cleanliness), the pre-functional area and the meeting room’s compound. This includes, for examples, reception, registration, waiting areas, breakout rooms, media center and dining area. Public areas, safety/security/emergency facilities and organizer’s access to meeting room is also included.
  • 5. Technology
    Technology refers to light, A/V, power, and air conditioning employed for a meeting purpose. This also refers to the availability internet-WiFi as well as document and interpretation services dedicated for a meeting purpose.
  • 6. Service
    Service refers to services provided for the meeting purpose. This includes the coordination of the staff of the venues with the organizers as well as venue’s service improvement process. Quality of staff as well as environmental protection/community are also included.
The benefits and privilege of being certified as an AMVS are mostly related to better access to marketing and promotional programme carried out by the related government agencies. Essentially, certified MICE venus will benefit from the branding of AMVS which is an international recognition. The detailed benefits of certification, though they may vary between ASEAN countries, are as follow:
  • Issued with an ASEAN MICE Venue Standards certificate, logo and plaque to be displayed on the premises
  • Will be promoted in the ASEAN Organizational Official website (
  • Will be promoted at ASEAN and international tourism events, festivals and forums Priority listing on National Tourism Organisation’s websites and brochures
  • The validity period is three (03) years
  • Certified venues will be reassessed every three (03) years to renew their certificates. This will enable the National Assessment Committee (NAC) for all ASEAN Tourism Standards to update and monitor the performance of certified MICE venues to ensure that they maintain their quality and standard as specified in AMVS
Logo for ASEAN MICE Venue Standard 20xx – 20xx
ASEAN MICE Venue Standard Certificate
  • 1. Suspension of Certification
    In case the certified entity does not conduct in accordance with the procedure for assessment and certification of AMVS and does not correct the non-conformities and/or does not follow the regulations within the specified period of the validation of the AMVS, the inspection body or the National Assessment Committee shall prepare the report to propose Government Tourism Organizations for initially considering the suspension of the certification and inform the certified entity to implement corrective and preventive action. The certified entity shall implement corrective and preventive action effectively and shall be audited for follow up by the inspection body within 180 days. If the corrective action is not undertaken within 180 days, the certification shall be withdrawn.
  • 2. Withdrawal of Certification
    In case the certified entity falls in one or more of the following cases:
    • Not conform to the regulations that Government Tourism Organization determines and have a severe effect on the certification
    • Not conform to the essence of AMVS that is certified
    • Not conform to AMVS that is certified after the certification is suspended two times within 180 days
    • Having the complaint that the National Assessment Committee and/or the Government Tourism Organization has considered that it might damage the certification. The Government Tourism Organization will proceed in endorsing a withdrawal of the certification to the AMS for the final approval so that the MICE venue shall return the certificate and the plaque to the Government Tourism Organization immediately.
The Government Tourism Organization shall cancel the certification of AMVS if it is one of the following cases:
  • The certified entity informs of the cancellation of certification in writing
  • The certified entity terminates the certified business
  • The certified entity is bankrupt
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