The Industry Partner Programme (IPP) is poised to position Malaysia as one of the world’s leading international business and major events destination.
This programme is indeed an excellent platform to profile your company to the lucrative international market, especially through the wide range of services and business development opportunities available, such as; co-operative sales and marketing activities, professional development, business-to-business networking, market intelligence, and product profiles in MyCEB’s online and print publications.

  • MyCEB’s Customer Relationships Management (CRM)
    1. Database profile
    Get your company’s profile listed on MyCEB’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sales database which will be used to upload information on MyCEB’s website and for business referrals to international meeting and event planners.
    2. Extranet Access
    With the extranet access, you are able to login to our CRM system to update and have access to:
    • Contact details (sales personnel, management personnel)
    • Website listing (to be listed in MyCEB’s website under product search)
    • Amenity update (information on F&B, services and meeting facilities)
    • Benefit Summary access (details on benefit summary given or received by MyCEB)
    • Leads information (details on leads submitted by MyCEB to partners)
  • Convention Bureaus and Tourism Organisations
    1. Business-to-business (B2B) Networking
    Expand your professional network through MyCEB’s industry networking events, educational seminars and sales activities.
    2. Trade Shows and Promotions
    Get exclusive access to MyCEB’s international trade show and sales promotional programmes in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. This includes roadshows planned for key and emerging markets (participation fees and criteria apply). Find out more at here.
    3. Industry training and education
    Opportunities to participate in MyCEB’s industry educational seminars and workshops. This includes joint programmes with industry associations. Participation in this programme will provide partners with up-to-date market intelligence, skills training and accumulate points towards industry accreditation (participation fees apply). Find out more at here.
  • MyCEB’s Sales & Marketing
    1. Sales Leads
    Obtain online sales leads generated through MyCEB’s sales and marketing activities (subject to client requirements).
    2. Bid Documents
    Be included in bid documents for international conventions and events (subject to requirements of bid criteria and client).
    3. Meeting and Event Planner’s Guide
    Get your profile and products listed in the Meeting & Event Planner’s Guide website, MyCEB’s key promotional tool for international meeting and event planners. Find out more at here.
    4. Promotional Materials
    Be invited to contribute to the development of MyCEB’s sales and marketing promotional materials including convention and incentive collateral materials, videos and electronic publications distributed to prospective clients (subject to specific requirements of promotional materials).
    5. Website
    MyCEB’s website will feature a range of online promotional opportunities including product listings, client newsletters, event calendar, media centre, Requests For Proposals (RFP). The extranet will provide partner only information, news and sales opportunities.
    6. Site Inspections and Familiarisations
    Partners will have the opportunity to showcase their products and services during prospective client and media visits (subject to client or media requirements).
    7. Media Programme
    Industry partners will have the opportunity to leverage against MyCEB’s international media programme including media kits, co-operative advertising, supplements, media conferences, media visits and press releases (participation costs may apply to selected activities).
    8. Social Media
    Keep up to date with latest news on MyCEB such as co-operative opportunities, market intelligence, industry news and development as well as updates on the businesses secured for Malaysia.
    Facebook: MyCEBIPP
    Instagram: MyCEB
    Twitter: MyCEB
    LinkedIn: Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau
    9. Assistance With The Authorities
    MyCEB liaises with government agencies for application for filming and performance by foreign artists (PUSPAL), to help address industry issues and create a more conducive environment to attract business and major events.
Note: MyCEB reserves the right to alter any terms and conditions without prior notice
  • Eligibility
    Companies must be registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia and have a registered place of business in Malaysia. Applicants must also be registered with the Ministry of Tourism (where applicable). All applicants must provide a copy of the current public liability insurance and audited financial statements verifying the sound financial standing of the company.
  • Requirements to Apply
    Applicants must agree to adhere to the IPP Terms and Conditions as well as the Code of Conduct as part of their application submission. Applications are to be forwarded to MyCEB for review and evaluation. MyCEB reserves the right to accept or decline any application.
  • Privacy
    The clients’ required level of confidentiality will be honoured by MyCEB in the distribution of all leads, communications and during the facilitation of site inspections.
  • Participation
    Participation allocation for trade shows, sales missions or other promotional activities, will be subject to specific criteria which may include proven activity record and investment in a specific market, overall track record and involvement in MyCEB’s cooperative programmes, compliance with Co-Exhibitors Obligations (specific to the event) and Code of Conduct.
  • Hosting
    Subject to the requirements of the bid, site inspection or request for proposal, MyCEB reserves the right to select partner participation based on client’s needs and preferences.
  • Profile
    Partner listings and information will be included in MyCEB’s website, online Meeting & Event Planner‘s Guide and sales database for distribution and access to international meeting and event planners. Partners’ profile in all other publications or promotional activities is subject to the discretion of MyCEB and specific requirements of the activity. MyCEB will endeavour to provide representation of Malaysia’s business events destinations, products and services as appropriate.
  • Partner Profile and Contact Information
    Partners are required to provide MyCEB with up-to-date contact and product information for inclusion in suitable promotional programmes and activities. Key contact information is to include the equivalent of the following positions; CEO/General Manager, Director of Sales and Marketing, business events key sales contact, major events key contact and Public Relations Manager. There shall be a minimum of two contacts (primary and secondary contacts) for each partner organisation for information and communication with MyCEB.
  • Fees Structure
    Complimentary membership has been extended to Industry Partners for year 2014. However, membership fees by category will be introduced in 2015. Further details will be provided.
  • Cancellation
    MyCEB reserves the right to cancel any partner’s participation in the IPP and/or any benefits to any partners who are found to be not demonstrating adequate commitment to the objectives, strategies and code of conduct of MyCEB.
  • Code of Conduct
    1. Partners agree to provide event information for inclusion in industry calendars such as ICCA and UIA.
    2. Partners agree to provide images and video footages for promotional purposes by MyCEB.
    3. Partners agree to provide MyCEB with updated contact lists and company profile.
    4. Partners agree to provide MyCEB with regular product updates and media releases relating to business tourism and major events.
    5. Partners agree to support MyCEB’s efforts to obtain and conduct research and statistics on business tourism and major events.
    6. Partners and their representatives agree to conduct themselves professionally when participating in co-operative programmes and activities.
    7. Partners agree to provide timely and accurate information in response to leads, bid requests, site inspections, promotional materials and activities.
    8. Partners will endeavour to provide competitive industry rates or better in support of cooperative industry programmes conducted by MyCEB such assite inspections, professional development, networking events and promotions (subject to availability).
    9. Partners are obliged to advise MyCEB immediately of any legal or financial infringement that will affect the professional conduct and operation of the company.
For more information about the Industry Partner Programme, please contact:
Attention to: Industry Development

T: +603 8893 4500 


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Jalan Alamanda 2, Presint 1,
62000 Putrajaya,

Level 20, Menara 2, Menara Kembar Bank Rakyat, No. 33, Jalan Rakyat, 50470, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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