Step Into a Tapestry of Tradition: MyCEB Partners with Batik Fun Walk to Weave the Threads of Culture

KUALA LUMPUR – 23 OCTOBER 2023: In a vibrant celebration of Malaysia's rich batik heritage, the annual Batik Fun Walk returns for its eighteenth consecutive year. This exhilarating event is organised by Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia (PENYAYANG), and supported by its esteemed partners, Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) and Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC), with the backing of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC). Taking place at the Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC), this event promises to offer an immersive cultural experience that embraces participants of all ages and diverse backgrounds.

Mr. Zain Azrai Rashid, Acting Chief Executive Officer of MyCEB, underlines the importance of this event, "The Batik Fun Walk represents a fitness journey into the heart of Malaysia's batik heritage surrounded by the Kuala Lumpur skyline. Through this event, we celebrate the intricate craftsmanship, creativity, and cultural significance of batik, whilst encouraging the general public for a healthy lifestyle. MyCEB's strategic partnership is instrumental in making this journey a reality, extending our reach to a wider audience and amplifying the cultural significance of this celebration. It is worth noting that the event has attracted over 1000 participants, underlining its growing popularity and the power of batik in uniting communities."

“For over a decade, the Batik Fun Walk has been a fun-filled event which encourages the use of batik in a relaxed and casual environment. Whilst batik is our national heritage, and we strive to preserve the traditional elements, we acknowledge the fact that batik has to be contemporised to remain relevant and in keeping with current fashion trends. The Batik Fun Walk offers Malaysians, young and old, the opportunity to be creative and innovative in wearing batik whilst enjoying a leisurely walk on a Sunday morning,” says Dato' Leela Mohd Ali, Chief Executive Officer of Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia.

In addition, the Malaysian National Sports Day falls in the month of October and in line with the Agenda Nasional Malaysia Sihat (ANMS), MyCEB and PENYAYANG subscribes to the idea of inculcating the habit of exercising regularly to ensure good health among Malaysians. The Batik Fun Walk is yet another initiative to support the Government’s promotion of Malaysia batik.

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