MyCEB Presents ‘Let’s Meet Now’, an Additional Initiative to Uplift the Domestic Business Industry Higher

PUTRAJAYA – 6 SEPTEMBER 2021: Striving for more opportunities in a current world that is full of adversities, Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) chooses to stay proactive by introducing another new component under the Meet in Malaysia campaign, ‘Let’s Meet Now’. This additional support package comes with a purpose to compliments the primary objective of the Meet In Malaysia campaign of stimulating the economy of the domestic business events industry to a greater extent.

Targeting one-day meetings from local markets, the ‘Let’s Meet Now’ package offers 50% sponsorship for one full-day meeting package exclusively for Malaysia-based registered corporate companies and subsidizing professional/trade associations and institutions on their meeting cost for their full-day seminars and workshops.

In line with the Meet in Malaysia’s campaign objective under the Malaysia Business Events Strategic Marketing Plan 2021-2030, which strongly aims to re-establish Malaysia’s business events industry by effectively reassembling industry players in organising business events and continue to create more platforms for knowledge transfer despite the new economic challenges.

Since the Meet In Malaysia campaign launched in 2020, it was well supported by business events stakeholders with more than ninety industry partners joined as campaign partners. 44 event support applications has been received thus far. This will allow more than 52,595 participants to meet-in-person to achieve the knowledge exchange as well as professional training, business opportunities, and networking among their peers for professional and social development. These events will contribute a total of RM430.0 million in estimated economic impact.

“The Meet In Malaysia campaign support will continue to run until the end of December 2022 as one of the Key Recovery Strategies for Business Events industry in Malaysia. While other strategies will come into place to ensure the meeting industry will recover as soon as the business events are allowed under National Recovery Plan or PPN,” said Dato’ Sri Abdul Khani Daud, Chief Executive Officer of MyCEB.

“It is highly crucial to assist the locals to support economic recovery so this is where ‘Let’s Meet Now’ plays a huge role as an additional support package. It is hoped that with appropriate interventions and initiatives, it would be possible to bring the business events economy back on track,” ended Dato’ Sri Abdul Khani.

Interested organisers can learn more about ‘Let’s Meet Now’ by visiting the Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) official website at

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