ICCA Acknowledges Malaysia’s Contribution to the Industry

PUTRAJAYA – 9 DECEMBER 2022: Chief Executive Officer of the International Congress and Conference Association (ICCA), Senthil Gopinath presents himself for a courtesy visit to Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau’s Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Khani Daud in Putrajaya in light of shared views with regards to the essence of international association meetings for the business events industry.

The pleasant visit contemporaneously acknowledges Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Khani Daud’s tenure as the ICCA Board of Director as the voice for the Asia Pacific Region that concluded in November 2022. Being elected during the high tide of the pandemic calls for vigorous upskilling and planning in reviving the business events industry that will catalyse a resurgence of this vital economic driven sector. With the full support of MyCEB, regional alliances, industry partners, government agencies and ministries, Asia Pacific was able to showcase an enlightening growth that sums the business events industry’s revival post pandemic today.

“I am humbled to wish Senthil a warm Malaysian ‘Selamat Datang’. The global business events community requires support from peak association such as ICCA and it is my humble experience being elected as the ICCA Board of Director for the term 2020 - 2022. Being part of an industry that highly transcends social and economic drivers, I was proud to see the growth of the region and how the region came back strong with trailblazing initiatives. MyCEB will continue to support the establishment of ICCA Asia Pacific office in Kuala Lumpur since 2007. The collaboration between MyCEB and ICCA is vital in our business events growth,” says Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Khani.
With more international association meetings will be held in Malaysia for the coming years, this has firmly place the destination as knowledge capital and centre of excellence for meeting destination. Over the decades, the country has earned a global reputation for delivering high-quality events and generating meaningful conversations. Since its formation in 2011, MyCEB has successfully supported more than 2,651 events, which brings around RM16.7 billion in economic impact to the economy. Not to mention the huge legacy impact to its community. Its success is underpinned by a vibrant business ecosystem, excellent infrastructure, coupled with rich culture and warm hospitality. In relation to ICCA’s membership, currently Malaysia has 12 organisations as members, and it is expected to grow further.

At the Board level, Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Khani has played a significant role. His commitment and expertise in terms of good governance and accountability has helped shaped a robust discussion between the board members. I also take note that with his leadership, Malaysia has uplift his global presence through the formation of Asia Convention Alliance, Hybrid City Alliance, and other new business initiatives. On behalf of ICCA, I would like to thank for him for his commitment and dedication and hope Malaysia will continue to inspire the business events industry towards a greater height,” says Mr. Senthil Gopinath, CEO of ICCA.

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