The Jungle Book Movie Scenes Inspired by Sabah’s True Beauty

Who would have thought that the 10 weeks adventure in Sabah could turn into astounding scenes in the Walt Disney’s fantasy adventure film?

The Borneo jungle which is one of Sabah’s hidden gem never fail to put the travelers in awe upon discovering its natural habitats and landscapes. Impressively, The Land Below the Wind’s beautiful forest was featured in one of the notable Hollywood films, The Jungle Book Movie.

Helen Brownell, a visual effect artist who worked as part of the team behind the all-time childhood favorite, The Jungle Book, said that the movie has transported her back to Borneo during her visit as a Raleigh International volunteer in 2006 as she was tasked to work on the recreation of ‘The Jungle Book’ project. Inspired by the nature that wonderfully grows all over the jungle’s deep green carpet, magnificent landscapes, and the live creatures there, she drew her special memories in Sabah into lifelike CGI by visualising it through some of the movie’s scenes. The jungle’s elements really intrigued her as she can still vividly remember the sounds, colours, and the textures of the place that has led her to sketch the environment in the project. Portraying a jungle sense coming to life, the visual effect artist reflects it by adding the animation, Baloo the bear as evidence of her amazement when she came across various wildlife during the expedition.
“Nothing can compare to the real experience of being in the jungle. But having the challenge of re-creating such an amazing environment in CGI was a real joy. So many things during the project would spark up memories of my Borneo adventure. I was excited to re-create some of the beautiful and unique environments from my trip, and let my adventure influence a lot of the work I did towards the jungle in the film,” said Brownell in her blog. “It was nice to be reminded of my real jungle book. I can only hope to return again one day,” she added.

Blessed with nature precious pieces, Sabah has a high chance to grasp not only movie maker’s hearts to make the place as their inspirations, but also the travelers’ attention to explore outstanding discoveries in the days ahead. All these treasure wonders can be the best getaways to those who seeks an unforgettable experience.
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