Five Great Malls of Klang Valley

Five Great Malls of Klang Valley
Although one can literally find and purchase almost anything online, big shopping malls continue to exude magnetic attractiveness in Malaysia. Not surprisingly, as of 2019, there are 560 shopping malls, with a total floor space of 135 million sq ft, throughout Malaysia. By end of 2021, this figure is expected to hit 700, with a total floor space of 170 million sq ft.

The cosmopolitan Klang Valley itself has over 197 shopping malls of substantial size and 27 more are expected to open doors by 2021. This is indeed good news for Malaysian shopaholics and a targeted hoard of 28 million foreign tourists by end 2019.

Why brick and mortar still pull the crowd?
It’s very common for Malaysians to go to the malls, especially with family, on weekends and prior to festive seasons and school holidays. Bright lights, aircon comfort, and of course endless choice of food, draw locals to malls without fail. For tourists and foreign visitors, a favourable currency exchange, good accessibility, easy communications and endless seasonal sales at malls enhance Malaysia as a great shopping paradise.

Whether you are an online shopper, or one who prefers to ‘surf’ the malls, Malaysia’s colossal choice of shopping malls will tempt your attention and fulfil any kind of shopping appetite. Here are five great ones amongst the enormous list in the Klang Valley to tease your fancy. Don’t leave home without dropping into a shopping mall and experience a dose of retail therapy!
Probably the most haute couture and busiest of malls in Kuala Lumpur, and in Malaysia, is Suria KLCC. Strategically located at the base of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, this 1.17 million sq ft mall was opened in 1998 and houses the world-class Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra hall, a colourful symphonic water fountain and over 300 specialty stores. It’s hard to imagine that this mega mall was built on the grounds of a former horse racing track and today within its perimeters is a 50-acre park that features jogging tracks, rest-stops and walkways amidst lush green lungs.

Just a few hundred metres from Suria KLCC is Pavilion KL, one of the city’s Golden Triangle’s most premium malls with some of the world’s largest designer stores and large-scale flagship outlets. With eight precincts on seven floors, spread across 1.37million sq ft of space, Pavilion KL features more than 690 stores, 2,500 parking bays and a distinctive frontage Crystal Fountain of Shanghai-crafted crystal bowls that symbolise the multi-cultural and multi-racial community of Malaysia. Since its opening in 2007, this gem of the city has won over 47 awards, and interestingly it was built on the site of an old and famous girl’s school.

In the suburbia of Petaling Jaya, lies the ‘king of mega malls’ called 1-Utama. Built in 1995, refurbished to double its size a decade later, the two massive blocks of 1-Utama now have over 1,000 shops spread across a humongous 5 million sq ft of space! Indeed, when it was built, it was the 3rd largest of its kind in the world. Now, it still ranks the world’s 7th largest mall. Here you will find Asia’ largest indoor rock-climbing gym, SE Asia’ largest rooftop garden called Secret Garden and an indoor surf pool. Because of its size the entire mall is zoned into various themes for easy navigation. No wonder its tagline says ‘It’s All In One’.
Located on the borderline between Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya is a massive development that is poised prominently alongside major highways called Mid Valley City. Built in 1999, this mega mall has 1.7 million sq ft of floor area on six floors and literally lines up to over five kilometres of length to walk through! First impression when you step into this mega mall is its massiveness and endless flow of crowd. Within this space is also a 67,620 sq ft convention centre with three major halls, two cinema complexes with over 20 screens and a must-visit basement floor filled with F&B outlets. As if this isn’t mega enough, in 2007 an adjoining six-level premium mall called The Gardens was added. This upscale has often been described as the most beautiful mall in Malaysia.

A short distance from Kuala Lumpur, in the suburb of Sunway, is an iconic mall called Sunway Pyramid. As its name implies, this landmark mall was designed as Malaysia’s First themed mall, featuring a distinctive sphinx and pyramid exterior that is visible from afar. This crowd puller is a favourite amongst the huge surrounding residential, commercial and educational community within Sunway as well as amongst foreigners and visitors from across the country. Within its labyrinth of five floors is a massive area of 4.2 million sq ft divided into eight zones are over 900 shops, plus Malaysia’s First ice-skating rink in a centre court that can be viewed from the floors above. Imagine, the car park itself has over 10,000 bays!

This is just a dip into the ocean of shopping malls throughout Klang Valley that we have space to cover. Go up north to Penang, down south to Johor, or across the sea to East Malaysia, there are plenty of great malls to mesmerise your shopping fancy. What better way is there to achieve a happy day?

Happy shopping!
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