MyCEB has mapped out the way forward for Malaysia in business events with the launch of ‘Malaysia’s Business Events Roadmap: Charting Malaysia’s Journey to 2020 and Beyond’.
To power Malaysia’s knowledge and creative economy, the business events roadmap will lay the groundwork, set up and manage the platforms for collaboration and support the development of strong local hosts. MyCEB will empower and energise Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (MACEOS) and the newly formed Business Events Industry Council of Malaysia, in order to become strong advocates of the business events sector needs.
  • Business events will be a leading driver of Malaysia’s economic transformation across all key sectors. It will strengthen Malaysia’s international profile and global networks, build trade and investment links and power growth of the nation’s knowledge and creative industries.
  • To build Asia’s highest performing business events industry through government and private sectors collaboration which results in economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits to all parts of the country.

In ensuring the business events industry forges ahead, the roadmap has underlined five key goals. The five key goals are:
  • Malaysia will significantly increase its market share of international conventions and exhibitions taking place in Southeast Asia.
  • Business events will play a major role in achieving the 2020 goals of every government ministry.
  • Malaysia will have Asia’s most professional, successful and sustainable business events industry.
  • The business events industry will significantly increase its direct contribution to GDP, jobs and tax revenues.
  • Business events will help Malaysians expand their global investment, trade and professional networks.
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