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PCO Partner Programme (PPP)


The PCO Partner Programme (PPP) is a membership programme open to all Professional Conference Organisers (PCO) in Malaysia. One of the main objectives of the PPP is to upgrade the standards of the local PCOs in Malaysia to be at par with International Core PCOs. Partners in the programme will enjoy various benefits and support from MyCEB. An appointment of a PCO Partner for the programme will be based on 2 classifications of Tier 1 and Tier 2 reliant on the qualifications of the respective PCO. Appointed PCOs will be re-assessed and audited on biennial basis to qualify to remain in the programme or be upgraded to a higher tier category. The PPP Programme Review will be conducted by MyCEB with its members every year to monitor the programme service standards, activities and development. The PPP will be managed by the Sales Association and Industry Services Team at MyCEB. Eligibility of participation is subject to terms & conditions. Once appointed as a Partner in the PPP, the company must abide to the PPP Code of Ethics. A MOU between the PCO and MyCEB will be signed upon appointment.


  • To create greater business opportunities for Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) Industry Partner
  • To maximise bid conversion for international conventions
  • To encourage local hosts to engage PCOs in managing international conventions professionally
  • To develop international certification of Malaysian PCOs

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